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Fluid Edge Themes

Core Modules

Loan Origination System

Increased velocity through paperless origination

The Loan Origination System (LOS) helps to acquire credit-worthy borrowers. The LOS module offers various options and flexibility in configuring lending workflows. We support several customer verification mechanisms such as eKYC, Authentication and eSign. The LOS module improves productivity by allocating and tracking tasks and reducing acquisition cost through a mobile based paperless process.

Loan Management

Achieve faster and comprehensive loan management

The Loan Management (LMS) module offers incredible flexibility in configuring loan products to help launch products quickly and manage the end to end loan lifecycle. IFRS compliant loan management system provides comprehensive features such as Loan amendments, Flexible repayment schedules, Collateral management, Exposure management, Death tagging and Insurance.


Loan Collection

Improve collection efficiency

The Loan Collections module improves the recovery efficiency of delinquent loans in your loan portfolio. Our web based, workflow driven solution allows the lender to closely monitor, manage and collect delinquent loans. We support several tools, techniques and collection strategies such as proactive notifications, mandate set-up, NACH integration, cash based collection and mobile app for door step collections.

Supported Loans


Personal Loans, an unsecured loan, requires robust credit evaluation yet a quick turnaround time. Novopay's integrated LOS, LMS, along with ML enabled credit rating and monitoring, allows Financial Institutions (FIs) to efficiently originate, sanction and manage loan lifecycle. Novopay's LOS capabilities allow FIs to not only lend to the salaried class but also to self-employed and small businesses. Eligibility scorecards, Alternate data based scores, Online Bureau integration, Straight-through processing, and India-stack readiness will help you differentiate your offering in the marketplace.

Micro Finance

Micro Finance Loans (such as Joint Liability Group and Self-Help Group Loans) are low ticket lending to the bottom of the pyramid and are operationally intensive to service. Novopay's integrated solution helps Financial Institutions to cut down operational costs by 40%. Managing loans with group and center definition, attendance, group level workflows - such as group origination, group servicing, and group collections are built-in capabilities of Novo Loan LOS. Field officer app on the field allows Loan officers to originate and service customers in the field.

Consumer Durable

With a growing middle-class population, Consumer durables finance is a promising area for lending. Novopay supports several complexities required for consumer durable lending. Novopay field officer app allows Financial Institution staff and Dealer employees to originate a loan and provide sanction in a few minutes. The system supports several features such as Dealer masters, Dealer funding, OEM masters, Integration adapters with OEMs for product validation, Manufacturer subvention, Dealer subvention, and Disbursement to Dealer Bank account or adjustment with dealer lines.


Loan against gold jewelry is a popular loan product for short term needs. Loan against jewelry, however, needs, specialised Loan origination flows for capturing collateral details, a value of collateral based ornament type, purity and rate, periodic evaluation of gold, revaluation of collateral, gold vaulting and custom reports. Novopay supports specialised workflows for gold loan business.


Auto-loans (for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers) needs end to end capabilities such as Dealer management, Vehicle master management, Subvention, Asset re-possession. Novopay supports financing of new and used vehicles, including add on financing for insurance, parts, tyres etc. Novopay's flexible APIs allows the system to be easily integrated with auto-loan market-places.


Small and Medium enterprises make a significant contribution to national GDP. Yet, most of these entrepreneurs find it difficult to access formal finance. Novopay supports Micro-enterprise loans by supporting easy paperless origination of business details, usage of built in industry-benchmarks for cash flow analysis, ability to ingest details such as billing data, robust site visit process and geotagging of locations.

Artificial Intelligence for Lending

Machine Learning (ML) is an extension of artificial intelligence, that enables computers with the ability to learn, analyse and predict using algorithms that iteratively learn from data. Machine Learning therefore empowers a system to learn and adapt itself with minimal human intervention. Lending as an industry can achieve operational and strategic efficiency through the implementation of machine learning across its processes and verticals.

Credit Rating Use digital signals to credit rate better

Machine Learning algorithms take digital signals such as smartphone meta-data, SMS, Social media and other public data sources to more accurately credit rate the applicant. Increasingly we create a large digital footprint that can be effectively used to predict repayment behavior. This not only has the potential to lower your NPAs but also attract a new class of customers currently not addressed through traditional means.

Customer Segmentation Segment your customers to up-sell products

Machine Learning algorithms can classify your customers into more intelligent clusters based on their existing transaction data. This helps you better fit your products to your customers, improving product recommendations, customer stickiness and overall customer satisfaction.

Early Warning Be warned before its too late

Machine Learning(ML) techniques can pick out even faint signals and warn you ahead of time before an accounts starts to go delinquent ,goes to collections or worse becomes an NPA. ML algorithms learn based on behaviors observed over the entire portfolio of loans to detect early warning signs, since there is continuous learning based on data, they tend to get more accurate with time as the portfolio grows.

Aadhaar & India Stack

Digital India for productivity and customer convenience

We offer comprehensive Aadhaar services including Authentication, eKYC and Mobile Update. We also offer eSign services in lieu of wet signatures thereby speeding up the customer acquisition process by eliminating paper. We are fully integrated with the UPI protocol and support loan disbursements and repayments over the UPI network. We can leverage GSTN to validate and verify potential borrowers and also credit rate them based on transaction data.

Analytics & Dashboards

Empower business with real-time and actionable analytics

We provide comprehensive dashboards that provide insights into your lending portfolio. These real-time dashboards reflect business analytics that are useful not only to CXOs, but at all levels of the organisation to enable better decision making. The Novo Loan dashboards are also useful to track and analyse day-to-day operations to ensure smooth functioning of the lending system.

The rich Geographical Information System (GIS) functionality brings spatial insights into the distribution of the loan portfolio and provides an intuitive understanding of the business and operational aspects.

Open APIs

Collaborate with Fintechs using Open APIs

Every granular level feature is provided as an API to facilitate collaboration with partners. API gateway supports provisioning, multi-level security, throttling and billing capability. API sandbox allows partners to be connect up on a self-service basis.

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